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Our Folding Kayak Range
The FirstLight Folding Kayak range is designed to meet recreational and light touring requirements with folding kayaks in three lengths, 12’ 6” (3.8 meters), 13’ 9” (4.2 meters) and 15’ 9” (4.8 metres).
All our folding kayaks share the same basic design features, one of the most distinctive being their square bow and stern profiles, which do not slope back like the traditional kayak. Our aim is to maximise waterline length for optimum speed and tracking. Because the ends of the boat are light, there is no difficulty riding waves and surfing. Thanks to its light weight and long waterline a FirstLight folding kayak will have behave like a longer folding kayak – it is important to compare waterline length rather than overall



Technical Specifications for the FirstLight Folding Kayak Range:


length when comparing FirstLight folding kayaks with other boats.
An option with your FirstLight folding kayak is a transparent lower hull, available on all models. The transparent hull is made of the same high quality urethane film as the regular hull and offers a view of the scenery under the kayak.
Keelstrips can be added to the urethane skin to reinforce the major wear points on the bottom of the kayak. We only offer keelstrips on black hulls, not on transparent hulls.
All FirstLight kayaks are supplied with an assembly DVD demonstrating the assembly process step by step. These can also be ordered separately - contact for further information.
Contact for up to date pricing.

FirstLight folding kayaks are at home in most sea, river and lake conditions
FirstLight 420 C Folding Kayak
FirstLight Folding Kayak Weights
Model Rods Length (ft/m) Lenth at waterline kayak weight(lbs/kg) Beam (inches/cm) Maximum distributed payload (lbs/kg) Packed weight*
380C Carbon
12' 6" /
12’ 5" /
17.2 lbs /
8.0 kg
21 ¾ " /
55.5 cm
238 lbs /
108 kg
23.6 lbs /
10.9 kg
420C Carbon
13' 9" /
13’ 8" /
19.8 lbs /
9.0 kg
21 ¾ " /
55.5 cm
253 lbs /
115 kg

26 lbs /
11.9 kg

480C Carbon
15' 9" /
15' 8" /
22.2 lbs /
10.1 kg
21 ¾ " /
55.5 cm
275 lbs /
125 kg

28.6 lbs /
13 kg

* Packed weight includes pack, kayak, paddle and spray deck. Add 1.7 lbs / 0.8 kg if keelstrip option is selected.

Additional data applying to all three models:
Cockpit Width: 14 ” (36 cm) : Cockpit Length: 28” (71 cm) : Height of Main Frame: 15 ” (39 cm)
Assembly time: 15 to 20 minutes, once you are accustomed to the procedure.