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Didymosphenia geminata (Didymo) found in South Island rivers

The invasive alga Didymosphenia geminata is present in many South Island rivers. Also known as Rock Snot, this weed is as unappealing as the name suggests. Check out the New Zealand Recreational and Canoeing or the Biosecurity New Zealand pages about Didymo for the latest information.

To contain the spread of this organism it is vital that we all do our part. We urge all kayakers using affected rivers to follow the recommendations from Biosecurity New Zealand:

To ensure you do not spread Didymo you must clean all items that have been in affected waters.

  • Before leaving the river remove all obvious clumps of algae. Then either:
  • Soak and scrub all items for at least one minute in either, hot (60 degrees C) water, a two percent solutions of household bleach (200mls of bleach to 10 litres of water) or a five percent solution (500mls/two heavy cups to 10 litres of water) of salt, nappy cleaner, antiseptic hand cleaner or dishwashing detergent OR
  • Dry items until they are dry to touch, then leave to completely dry for an additional 48 hours.

  • Please note if you find clumps of algae once you have left the affected area do not wash these down the drain, treat them using soaking and scrubbing.

    FirstLight Kayaks feature in a NZ reality TV show

    New Zealand channel TV3 put two FirstLight kayaks to good use in therir new reality TV show The Summit. Competitors on this show face outdoor challenges each week, in spectacular New Zealand locations - including paddling one of our kayaks and then and packing it without the benefit of experience or instruction manual. It made entertaining watching!

    Murray's design "A clear winner..."

    The Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association International declared the completely transparent Napali kayak, also designed by FirstLight Kayaks founder Murray Broom and marketed through Clear Blue Hawaii, a "clear winner" in the 2004 Sports Edge Sports Product of the Year competition The Napali was also voted the top outdoor product of 2004 by Fortune Magazine, and was listed as one of the coolest inventions of 2003 by TIME Magazine, establishing Murray as one of the world's leading designers of modern folding kayaks.

    Kayak assembly DVD now available

    Interested in purchasing a Firstlight Kayak but want to know more about the assembly process? You can purchase a DVD from us that demonstrates the assembly of our kayak step by step. Take a look, and see for yourself how it all fits together. If you decide to buy a kayak, we will deduct the cost of the DVD from the purchase price. Contact for more information.

    Don't forget to check out the video on our Assembly page, too.

    Improvement to rod locking ends

    The rod ends that attach the longitudinal tubes to the end frame have recently been improved. These parts now lock more effectively into the end frames, and eliminate the annoying problem of tubes unlocking from the end frame during assembly. All boats produced during 2004 have this upgrade. Earlier boats can be retrofitted and we can send you the parts and instructions to make this modification yourself. Contact us at for more information.

    Two FirstLight kayak owners write about their experiences

    Greg and Cate toured the Virgin Islands in their FirstLight kayaks, read about their trip here.

    Photojournalist Scott Dickerson prefers the chillier waters of Homer, Alaska - check out Scott's site for his story and some amazing photos.

    picture of two FirstLight folding kayaks on the water
    Two FirstLight 420C kayaks in flat water.
    picture of single folding kayak
    Steve takes to the surf in a FirstLight 480C
    picture person carrying a folding kayak
    Easy to carry, anywhere...
    picture of person carrying a folding kayak
    FirstLight kayaks are truly portable!